Battle Cats is part of the Hi-Risk Unit group specializing in advanced stunts and tactics in the film industry. Hi-Risk Unit is the operational side and has 20 years of experience in all types of violent crimes, emergency response, law enforcement, medical rescue and crime scenes.

Battle Cats provide the following technical specialists to the film industry:


Medical / Rescue

Law Enforcement

Over the past 10 years we have worked on numerous international as well as local productions.

We have build up a huge wardrobe, props, weaponry/armoury and vehicles for the industry to utilise from armoured vehicles, ambulances, jeeps, uniforms, gear to crimes scene forensic suits. With our experience we bring realistic tactics and professional looking actors/extras.

We also provide medical and ambulance staff to conduct medical check up to crew and actors but in most movies they are available for scenes. We provide a safety officer to assist where needed.

Battle Cats Provided the tactical solutions for the film Treurgrond in 2015

A short clip showcasing the work done on the film.